As Chief of the Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, it is truly an honor to serve this Company, the Borough of Beach Haven, and the surrounding communities.  I grew up in this area and have worked for many businesses near here.  After the passing of my father, my life needed purpose and, for many, firefighting is a calling.  Many of my friends growing up had recommended volunteering at the Fire Company.  Through the guidance of my fire company sponsor Stanley Markoski III, the mentoring of Chief Matthew Letts, and countless hours at the Ocean County Fire Academy, I had found my destiny, a job in something I truly love and am passionate about.

Over the next 8 years, I would learn what it means to be a firefighter and rise through the ranks, gaining knowledge and experience along the way.  I would help fight house fires, forest fires, help with motor vehicle accidents, water rescues, hazardous emergencies, and even a pandemic.  The selfless act of helping others and the roots that have grown so deep here, over the last 140 years, is something I share with some of the greatest women and men.  A family of people willing to unselfishly lay down their lives to save yours, no matter what your story is, because you are worth it.  The greatest asset to any company, any organization, any community…is the people. 

Our mission here at BHVFC is to provide Fire Protection, Suppression, and Rescue to the residents of Beach Haven, Long Beach Township, and neighboring communities.  The core values of the Fire Service are to protect life, the preservation of property, and incident stabilization.  We will continue to transform today’s Fire/Rescue Service into a progressive, proactive, and professional service; a service that will exceed today’s demands, and meet tomorrows.

I look forward to continuing to serve as the Chief of the Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, for many years to come.  We are always here to help the community, even if it is not an emergency.  Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me.  If you would like to express a statement of gratitude, I would be elated to share it.  Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms, be safe out there, and thank you for your continued support!


Adam J. Ellender

BHVFC Fire Chief

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